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Our company successfully held Pengyang science and technology innovation lecture

Date:  2018/8/15 14:56:54      Publisher:  admin

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Party's 19th National Congress and the 12th National Congress of the Autonomous Region, guide and support the continuous development and growth of the non-public economy and promote the rapid and healthy development of the economy and society in Pengyang County, our company succeeded in Pengyang County on the morning of August 10, through the coordination of the Pengyang Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau and the County Science and Technology Service Center. Hold a seminar on policy and utilization of scientific and technological innovation. More than 40 heads of enterprises and institutions and managers of science and technology attended the meeting. Director Li Wanbing of the county science and technology service center and Deputy Director Jing Yuying of the Economic Cooperation Bureau welcomed the participating enterprises and delivered speeches on behalf of the Pengyang County government.

The contents of this lecture include the interpretation of domestic intellectual property infringement cases, the interpretation of enterprise intellectual property management system standards, the concept and application of patent banks, the interpretation of high-tech enterprise identification policy, the interpretation of the three-product-one-bid rule, and the interpretation of research and development fees plus deduction. Each topic is introduced by the relevant person in charge of the company, mainly on the concept, policy, process, operation details and so on to do a detailed explanation, the scene atmosphere is active, communication and harmony, everyone learn from each other, share the experience, harvest is quite rich.

After the lecture, we went to nine enterprises to do field visits and further services, exchanges, and on the intellectual property standards, intellectual property pilot, organic food certification, China's geographical indications, three-system certification, trademark registration and other work to reach a cooperative intention. Among them, Pengyang Taiming Food Processing Co., Ltd. mainly produces almond oil and walnut oil, and set production, processing, sales in one; Ningxia Pengda Yongxin Breeding Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in livestock breeding and sales; grass cultivation, breeding technical advice; Ningxia Yunwushan Fruit Development Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells. Candied fruit, preserved fruit, fruit crisp, beverage and other agricultural and sideline products.

This Seminar on scientific and technological innovation jointly organized by our company, Pengyang Economic Cooperation Bureau and Science and Technology Service Center is a precise docking of Pengyang County specific measures, is a rare opportunity for learning and exchange, will certainly play a positive role in promoting the use of Pengyang County's non-public economy, scientific and technological innovation means, enterprise transformation and upgrading. In the future, our company will launch more thematic lectures one after another, and we welcome people from all walks of life to come to study and exchange.