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Practice Cases

Office Action Cases

Application No.Field of TechnologyTransferred to us RSMK from other agenciesResult
CN 2017111269547BiologyYGrant
CN 2015102849455ChemistryYGrant
CN 201610976365.7ChemistryYGrant
CN 2015106645688ChemistryYGrant
CN 2016103340396Organic ChemistryYGrant
CN 2016109023883ChemistryYGrant
CN 2017101378105BiologyYGrant
CN 2019113670324Organic ChemistryYGrant
CN 2019101830591Organic ChemistryYGene


Public Opinion Cases

Application No.Result


Invalid and Re-examination

Application No.Field of TechnologyResult
CN2018104566505BiologyWithdrawn of rejection Grant
CN 2018111189890BiologyWithdrawn of rejection Grant
CN201911367032.4ChemistryWithdrawn of rejection Grant
CN2017101272933ChemistryWithdrawn of rejection Grant
CN202010816801.0MechanicalWithdrawn of rejection Grant
CN202110044923.7MechanicalWithdrawn of rejection Grant
CN2014101274009Mechanical DeviceBeing selected as one of the top 10 cases of 2020 in Ningxia
Molecular Marker of Hypsizygus marmoreus Finc-W-247BiologyBeing selected as one of the representatives of major infringement cases in the field of biology


FTO (Free To Operate)

NameTechnical Field
Discharging device with the discharging spiral switching functionMechanical
Conical tube deviceMechanical
Aldehyde glucanBiology
Basic proteaseBiology
Materials used in portable toilet inside bucketChemistry