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Our company takes part in Zhongguancun Dongying intellectual property service activities and keynote lectures.

Date:  2018/8/15 14:37:39      Publisher:  admin

In order to promote inter-regional intellectual property cooperation and give full play to the advantages of Zhongguancun's high-quality service resources spillover effect, on July 25, the Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Promotion Bureau and the Capital Intellectual Property Service Association, together with the heads of seven members of the Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Service Alliance, carried out intellectual property exchanges and cooperation in Dongying City, Shandong Province.

At the meeting, Director Zhang Wei of Zhongguancun Promotion Bureau and Zhao Guoling Bureau of Dongying Intellectual Property Bureau gave speeches respectively, and Wu Dajian, chairman of Beijing Iho Hong Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., Vice President Li Min of Sanyang Guan and Li Ji, head of our company, also gave lectures and exchanges. Wu Dajian, the patents elder in China, emphasized the distribution of overseas patents And the importance of patent agents.

Li gave a keynote speech on the rules of patent division and its significance. Li explained in detail the rules of patent division, several cases of patent division application and the conditions to be met in patent division application. The wonderful speeches of various business representatives make the content of this activity more rich. Our company has the opportunity to communicate with each other and learn from each other in the activities, which lays a solid foundation for further improving our service level.

Next, our company will further strengthen cooperation with the Dongying Intellectual Property Office, better promote the work of intellectual property between the two places, enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises, and provide more support and better services for the development of intellectual property rights between the two places.