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Seminar on patent protection

Date:  2018/7/9 14:58:10      Publisher:  admin

On May 28, at the invitation of the Water and Soil Conservation Graduate Association of Beijing Forestry University, Li Ji, senior intellectual property consultant and engineer of our company, went to Beijing Forestry University for an exchange, discussed the subject of patent protection and utilization, and gave an academic lecture entitled "Problems and Strategic Skills in Patent Protection and Utilization".

Based on his own research field and work practice, the lecturer, centering on the theme of patent protection and utilization, first of all, combed the types and characteristics of patents, and combined with the classic cases at home and abroad, and then made a thorough analysis of the patent application process and writing rules, especially the strategies and methods of patent protection and utilization. Finally, the author gives some valuable suggestions on patent retrieval and points out the future direction of intellectual property career.

More than 30 teachers and students from the Conservation College, Forestry College, Polytechnic College and Biology College participated in the symposium. The atmosphere was warm. After the symposium, the students actively asked questions. Engineer Li answered questions and puzzles for the students in detail. The symposium was successfully concluded with warm applause. This lecture improves students'understanding of patents, and will be helpful for students to write and apply for patents in the future.