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Warmly congratulate my company on tutoring and another enterprise passed the intellectual property management standard system certification

Date:  2018/8/15 14:49:14      Publisher:  admin

Since 2018, Yinchuan Chuanyu Water-saving Irrigation Co., Ltd. has earnestly studied GB / T29490-2013 enterprise intellectual property management norms under the guidance of our company, and has established a complete intellectual property management system according to the standard requirements. Yinchuan Chuanyu Water-saving Irrigation Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, is a research and development, production and sales of integrated enterprises. Specializing in the production of inlaid patch drip irrigation belt, single-wing labyrinth drip irrigation belt, intelligent solenoid valves and various irrigation accessories, the company's products about 70 varieties, annual production scale of more than 5000 tons. The products are mainly exported to Ningxia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang and the West African countries, Mali and other regions. Sichuan Rain Company has developed rapidly since its inception, and always adheres to the principle of "customer first" to provide customers with quality services. Sichuan Rain Company has won a number of honors, in 2013 obtained the National "Agricultural Machinery Promotion Certificate," in 2015 was Yinchuan Consumer Association as "quality integrity unit," in 2016 was Yinchuan City awarded "specialist new" advanced enterprise.

From August 2 to August 3, two experts from Zhongzhi (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. formed an auditing group to conduct a full-course auditing and guidance on the compliance, adequacy and effectiveness of the intellectual property management system established by Yinchuan Chuanyu Water-saving Irrigation Co., Ltd. in accordance with the requirements of GB/T 29490-2013 standards. The auditing group carefully inspected and examined the suitability of documents, the standardization of management and the effectiveness of control procedures and records of various departments in Yinchuan Chuanyu Water-saving Irrigation Co., Ltd. Subsequently, the auditing group pointed out the problems existing in the operation of the intellectual property system and solved the problems of the company. Valuable suggestions and suggestions on the problems and continuous improvement in the operation of intellectual property system are put forward.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the audit group announced that the expert group agreed that the "intellectual property management system" of Yinchuan Chuanyu Water-saving Irrigation Co., Ltd. passed the audit and met the certification requirements, and the certificate will be issued later.

Yinchuan Chuanyu Water-saving Irrigation Co., Ltd. has become another successful intellectual property management system certification enterprise counseled by our company! The success of this bid is the result of the joint efforts of our company and Sichuan Rain Company, and also the embodiment of our excellent service ability. The success of the implementation also laid a good foundation for our company to provide better service in the future.

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region promulgated the "Opinions on Implementing Innovation-Driven Strategy", clearly put forward the "Innovation 30" to promote innovation-driven strategy. Around the bottleneck of restricting Ningxia's innovation and development, focusing on scientific and technological innovation, industrial innovation, enterprise innovation and talent-intensive areas, this paper puts forward 5 parts and 30 measures to enhance the pertinence and operability of the policy. Among them, the third policy clearly pointed out: to obtain enterprise intellectual property management standards and national standard system certification of enterprises to give financial support, the amount of support is 150,000 yuan.

Enterprise intellectual property management system refers to the system engineering that puts intellectual property right on the strategic level of enterprise management, and regards it as a whole from the aspects of enterprise intellectual property management concept, management institution, management mode, management personnel and management system, and defines and strives to realize the mission of enterprise intellectual property. The mission of enterprise intellectual property management varies with the enterprise. Some focus on service innovation, some try to guard against the legal risks of intellectual property rights, some strive for the preservation and appreciation of intellectual property rights assets. Generally speaking, they are all for the maximization of the interests of enterprise intellectual property rights, so as to win the competitive advantage and realize the enterprise. Mission.