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  • Email :   RSMK2009@163.com

Headquarters: 1009-1010 (Headquarters), 9/F, Building 6, Guoyuan, Fengtai District, Beijing 100079 Email: RSMK2009@163.com

Branches: Tianjin, Ningxia, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Hefei, Baoding, Nanjing, Anhui, Beijing Daxing

Japan Office: 2-3-4, Central City, Yanshi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan Teacher Zheng: 335-0004 Email: rsmk200925@163.com

U.S. Office: 305 Broadway, New York, NY Tel: 010-87642418 tony: rsmk200907@163.com Email: RSMK2009@163.com

RSMK Profile

Founded in 2009, Beijing Risingmark Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. is mainly committed to providing intellectual property services for innovative subjects. Subordinate companies include Beijing Risingmark Intellectual Property Agency (RSMK), Ningxia Ruisheng Mingjie Intellectual Property Consulting Co., Ltd. and Ningxia Geographical Indications Industry Development Co., Ltd; The main service businesses include patent agency, trademark agency, copyright agency, patent search analysis, FTO, geographical indication and intellectual property comprehensive services.







Company Qualifications

Member of All China Patent Agents Association

Member of Beijing Patent Agents Association

Member of Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Service Industry Alliance

Member of Zhongguancun International Intellectual Property Service Alliance

The first batch of Beijing intellectual property operation pilot units

Member of Capital Military Civil Integration Intellectual Property Collaborative Innovation Alliance

Beijing Intellectual Property Service Brand Cultivation Unit in 2021

AAA organization of Beijing Patent Agency Association

Member of China Biofermentation Industry Association

The licensing rate of invention patents of 4000 patent agencies nationwide ranks among the top 4.7%

The number of patent agents with more than nine years accounts for the top 8% of the 4000 agencies nationwide

85% of the invention patents granted by the School of Biotechnology, Tianjin University of Science and Technology

External reply and invention patent reexamination authorization rate 86%

97% of overseas invention patents granted as agents for domestic applicants

The number of licensed patent agents ranked in the top 20% nationwide

The number of patent agents with more than nine years ranks within 8% nationwide

At present, 97% of foreign patents are granted

Currently dealing with domestic and foreign invention and retrieval and FTO business